About Us

The Services of the Ship Supplier are essential for the maintenance of all Shipping. The Ship Supplier should have more knowledge & must be prepared to supply the complete requirements of a Ship, of its crew and of its passengers. The Ship Supply Company is like a Supermarket, stocking thousands of Technical & Non-Technical items, to cover the specialist requirements of differing types of Vessels and Crews of many Nationalities. In addition, the Ship Supplier has to maintain detailed lists of Manufacturers, Distributors & Stockists, in order to obtain RARE or UNUSUAL ITEMS at VERY SHORT NOTICE.

UNITED MARITIME ? Created to facilitate the identification of Products (Ship Stores) and at the same time, provide a method to assist in the most rapid transmission of orders, in response to the growing demand, for a Universal, World-wide Supplies and assist all engaged in Marine & Offshore Industry. Through a continuous process, we intend to cater to all those who will look for International Standards, do our might with our Vast Knowledge & Expertise, and achieve MARKET LEADERSHIP soon, with a good number of satisfied Clients in India & Abroad.


Food Provision
Engine / Deck Stores
Chemical (Oils & Diesel)
Life Raft Annual Servicing
Ship Repairing / Chipping
Ship Painting
Refilling All type of Gases
Motor / Alternator Rewinding